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Walk & Talk Tours CC has been operating since September 1999.

Walk & Talk Tours CC is a tourism company founded with the objective of combining the pleasurable and therapeutic activity of walking and talking with introducing South Africa to not only tourists but to South Africans, educating them about parts of our country that they would not normally consider visiting.

Over the years Walk & Talk Tours have developed tours and trained specialist area tour guides. We have patented a self guiding system which allows anyone to visit a site and gain information. We are so proud that this self guiding system has now been developed into an app.

The Walk and Talk tours app has the focus of you being your own tour guide with easy access to information, tours, commentaries, videos. pictures and maps. Our joining the dots self guiding navigating system has never been so easy. With easy access via the internet with your cell phone or tablet the app makes visiting an area so exciting.

The app allows many venues to join the dots. The venues information could be accessible with a touch of a button and tourists have up to date tour guides at their own leisure.

Walk & Talk Tours - Products

** Join the Dots APP - Self Guiding Navigational System
** Guided Tours
** Dinner-hops and Dinner- Mix
** Labyrinths