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Walk and Talk Tours will design your own unique labyrinth experience to showcase your business, or to your specific needs. For a quotation and consultation e-mail Labyrinths can be designed in various different ways, ie. by painting onto canvas or by building with different materials such as paving stones, rocks, gravel, turf grass, cacti, grapevines, different statues, planting lavender hedges etc. It can be as wide as your imagination.

Over the past ten years Labyrinths have undergone a dramatic revival as a relaxation and spiritual tool.

A Labyrinth is a network of passages that will lead you to where you need to go; no thinking or problem solving is required as with a maze.

We invite you to take advantage of our portable Labyrinth for your own unique experience.
We also offer value added and tailor made packages.

Interested parties include:

Churches, Retreat Centres, Schools, Universities, Memorials, Historical sites, Walking Clubs, Healthcare facilities, Wellness Centres etc.


A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze is a mental challenge, a puzzle, a problem to be solved. It has twists and turns and dead ends. A labyrinth is a network of passages; no thinking or problem solving is required. The path will lead you to where you need to go.

Historically, the use of the first Christian labyrinth dates back to the Northern European Bronze age and from the 12th Dynasty period of ancient Egypt. They can be walked all over the world today in from France to Russia, in India and down to South Africa.

Walking a labyrinth is an ancient spiritual act symbolising ones spiritual journey and is a powerful means of transformation where you can listen to the longings of your soul. As you shift your direction you also shift your awareness from the right brain to the left brain.

Each person walks the labyrinth for a different reason and each person will have his or her own unique experience. Some use the walk for clearing the mind and centering. Others walk with a question or a concern in mind or it can be just a pleasant walk.

The slow, rhythmic walking, turning back from one turn to the next has been compared to the movement of a pendulum that serves to quieten and still the mind.

Some general guidelines for walking the labyrinth are focusing, pausing and reflecting. So before entering become quiet and give acknowledgement through a bow, nod or other gesture and then enter.

When reaching the centre of the labyrinth spend a moment receiving, reflecting, meditating or praying as well as discovering your own sacred inner space.

On exiting turn and face the entrance, giving acknowledgement of the ending and gratitude for the guidance received.

Finally after walking the labyrinth reflect back on your experience. It may have calmed and energised you all at the same time. Or simply given you pleasure.

So if you seek an answer to a pressing problem, need some quiet time or are just curious, enter the labyrinth for your own unique experience now and enjoy it.

Thank you for listening and enjoy your day..



The Labyrinth is a pre christian ancient symbol of wholeness.

Labyrinths are found in all ancient cultures and represent a pattern of initiation into the sacred mysteries. They synmbolise the path to the deepest core of being, the sacred place of renewal and self illumination.

Walking a labyrinth is a powerful tool for transformation.

Walking different circuits of a labyrinth is like working on the different chakras of the body.

How to walk a Labyrinth

1. Take a few moments to contemplate what you would like to work with while taking this walk (clarity on something - letting go, etc)

2. Make your intention clear before you enter.

3. Start your walk while you surrender your intention and focus on your steps. Allow your thought process to flow and observe them.

4. Once you reach the centre, take a deep breath and feel the energy of the centre.

5. How do you feel? Stay as long as you feel comfortable.

6. Slowly make your way out following the same path.

7. Pause a moment before you leave giving thanks.

8. Enjoy your day.




Hire out cost - R500/day

Transportation - At your own cost. To be collected and returned to our offices in Sandton.

Facilitation cost - R400/hour

Packages available are:-
Package 1

  • Introduction to the revival of the Labyrinth as a relaxation & spiritual tool
  • Walk
  • Feedback & Evaluation session

Package 2

  • Introduction to the revival of the Labyrinth as a relaxation & spiritual tool
  • Introduction to Sacred Geometry
  • Walk
  • Feedback & Evaluation Session

Package 3

  • Introduction to the Labyrinth
  • Facilitation of taking “A Pause for Centering” - A powerful tool to re-centre and re-connect to yourself.
  • Walk
  • Feedback & Evaluation Session

Package 4

  • Introduction to the Labyrinth
  • Facilitation of “Healing with Sound” - Influences the amount and direction of physical and psychological energy.
  • Walk
  • Feedback & Evaluation Session

Package 5 - Meditation

  • Introduction to the Labyrinth
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Choice of:
    • Inner Light Meditation : Connects you to your inner spirit
    • Mindfulness Meditation : Allows thoughts, feelings & sensations to come and go without getting enmeshed in them
    • Relaxation Meditation : Calming and rejuvenating the mind, body and soul
    • Colour Healing Meditation : To cleanse and harmonise your body using colour

Tailor made packages

Packages can be made to suite your requirements and will be costed out accordingly.
This includes special events, weddings, graduations, confirmations, youth camps and for corporate team building events.

Over the past ten years Labyrinths have undergone a dramatic revival as a relaxation and spiritual tool.

This is only limited by your imagination:

Cobbles, river rocks, pavers, gravel, turf grass, cactus, canvas, vinyl, bricks, shrubs etc.

Target Market

  • Churches
  • Retreat centres
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Public Parks
  • Memorials
  • Historical sites
  • Walking Clubs
  • Walk & Talk Club Members
  • Special Events - weddings, graduations, confirmations, youth camps (2 path Labyrinth)
  • Team Building Events for Corporates
  • Health care facilities
  • City Parks